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203 Harrison Place
Brooklyn, NY, 11237
United States

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Brooklyn's best selection of refurbish vintage cameras, films, and fine accessories.  Dedicated to the art of analog photography.


Polaroid specialists, film enthusiasts.  NYC's

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Why did we create this project?  Well - put simply - buying a film camera can be pretty tricky these days.  There are barely any more real-world places to go and fewer and fewer people have a good, working knowledge of the spectrum of amazing cameras out there.  It's a lonely, confusing process and it tends to go something like this: You think you know kind of what camera you want, spend a lot of time reading blog entries, going through old forum discussions, and - ultimately - crawling around on ebay.  You're not sure what a fair price is, what defects to look out for, or if the camera is even in good working order.  You put some bids out, maybe you win, maybe not.  The camera takes a week to arrive, you may realize that it is broken or needs adjustment or that it takes a very specific battery that isn't made anymore and you need to drive a half-hour to a Radioshack that carries it.  Or... it might work great!  (we're certainly not knocking ebay here)  Regardless, with some variation, the example situation mentioned here tends to be how it goes these days.  In response to that, we've curated a well-balanced selection of great cameras that we've learned everything about.  All of our cameras come fully restored, guaranteed, and all use film that is both newly made and widely available.  You can buy from us with confidence, and know that we are here to answer any questions you might have along the way!  Have fun shooting!