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FEEL : Group Show

FEEL is the first curated show to be organized by Brooklyn Film Camera. It will be hosted at the B[x] Gallery in Bushwick from April 13 - May 25.  SUBMISSIONS ARE CURRENTLY OPEN!

FEEL : An Instant-Photography Group Show


April 13 - May 25
B[x] Gallery, Bushwick

Brooklyn Film Camera is proud to present FEEL, an instant-photography group show featuring 12 artists from NYC and around the world.  This marks the first curated show that BFC has organized and it is currently on view at B[x] Gallery in Bushwick from April 13 - May 25.



Participating Artists:

Alexandra Zedtwitz
Vienna, Austria

Brian Garbrecht
Elgin, Illinois

Devin Blaskovich
Brooklyn, New York

Enrique Rosas
Queens, New York

Jocelyn Mathewes
Johnson City, Tennessee

Jonathan Mora
The Bronx, New York

Marcus banch
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Noah Zyla
Prague, Czech Republic

Sarah Eiseman
Brooklyn, New York

Savanna Pettengill
Rollinsford, New Hampshire

Sharon Steven
Brooklyn, New York

Urizen Freaza
Berlin, Germany


FEEL's opening reception was generously sponsored by Polaroid Originals, Lomography, and Brooklyn Brewery.


The theme of this show is "Feel".  Simple, yet a word that holds much depth.  To feel is something that is explored and interpreted in endless ways by all of us every day.  How one feels about themselves, about those around them, about their community, their world, their reality; these sensitivities are constantly in flux.  As we navigate an increasingly divided society, a polarized political landscape, the dehumanizing affects of late-stage Capitalism, and an increasing addiction to screens, we must fight the inevitable, soothing urge for numbness.  To feel numb is to lose feeling and we must always remember how to feel.  How to wholeheartedly and earnestly feel.  It is our humanity.  It is our heartbeat.  For this show, we seek work that expresses this theme.  Imagery that explores closeness, humanity, community, and love.  These times beg for warmth.  Let's feel it.