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Brooklyn's best selection of refurbish vintage cameras, films, and fine accessories.  Dedicated to the art of analog photography.


Polaroid specialists, film enthusiasts.  NYC's

Now Hiring

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Now Hiring \\ Manager

Brooklyn Film Camera is currently taking applications to fill a managerial position.  This will be an incredibly involved and important role in the company's development and growth: You will be closely managing day-to-day tasks around the studio, evaluating/appraising/cleaning cameras, developing special projects and events, working in sales both in-person and online, and more.  We seek someone organized, responsible, and passionate about film photography.  Someone who is willing to grow, guide, and mature the Brooklyn Film Camera project together with us.

  • $15/hour with growth potential
  • 25-30 hours per week to start
  • Private desk
  • Personal access to wholesale cost cameras, films, etc.
  • Media opportunities (if desired).  You will be welcome to be a visually seen and heard representative of Brooklyn Film Camera when media and publicity opportunities arise.
  • Will be included at all BFC company dinners, drink nights, the annual BFC retreat, and more.


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Please allow yourself 30-40 minutes to properly fill out the applicationSerious inquiries only.


May 16, 10:00pm EST  //  Applications due
May 18  //  BFC will respond to all applicants
May 21-23  //  In-person interviews
May 26  //  First day on the job