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Brooklyn's best selection of refurbish vintage cameras, films, and fine accessories.  Dedicated to the art of analog photography.


Polaroid specialists, film enthusiasts.  NYC's

Photo Booth

Make your event unique!

We use top-of-the-line Polaroid cameras to capture the fun of your event on real polaroid film!  The cameras we use are professionally modified Polaroid press cameras from the late-1970's and are perfect for live events due to their full manual control, famously sharp lenses, and the fast development time of the film.  Guests are welcome to take their photos with them on the spot!

An on-site photographer

Our professional photographers are fun and talented.  With no buttons to push or machines dictating where to stand and how many people can fit in the frame, you can relax and leave the technicalities up to us.  We'll make you look great and your picture will be in the hands of you and your guests on beautiful polaroid film right away.

Can fit any space

Our photo "booth" set-ups are adaptable to virtually any environment.  Whether you only have a small corner of a room available or a huge event space with room to spare, we will best utilize the space you have to make a fantastic photographic set!   Having an outdoor event?  A party inside of a dark club?  A daytime wedding?  Great!  We can customize a set up for you.

The Pictures

There are many options for how to enjoy your pictures and we can customize a package that suits your needs best.  The most literal way our Polaroid Photo Booth works is that your guests can enjoy having their portrait made, and take it away with them right then and there.  Care to share?  Great!  We can provide you and your guests with high-resolution scans for sharing on social media.  Just let us know!

For those desiring more technical details, we use Polaroid 600SE press cameras that have been specially modified to shoot Fuji Instax Wide film.

The Cost

Just as all events differ in size, scale, and cost, so does the price tag on our photo booths.  Pricing starts at $900 and varies depending on the size of your party, what kind of services you'd like, and how far we have to travel to get to you.  Take a couple of minutes to fill out the form below and we'll get back to you with an estimate ASAP.

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