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MiNT TL70 2.0


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MiNT TL70 2.0

Mint TL70 2.0
Mint tl-70 2.0
Mint TL70 2.0
Mint tl-70 2.0

MiNT TL70 2.0


The brand new twin lens reflex instant camera from MiNT.  It has been upgraded with a fresnel screen that's 5x brighter than the initial 1.0 version and makes a world of difference in low light and indoor settings.

The TL70 is an aperture-priority camera that opens to an f/5.6 and closes to an f/22.  It features a fully manual focus thumb-wheel, exposure compensation, BULB exposure mode for light painting or long-exposures, a manual film eject button which allows the option of making double exposures, a viewfinder magnifier, and a cleverly built in flash.  It's got a lot going for it and - frankly - the TL70 makes the dreamiest images we've ever seen on Instax Mini film.  An absolute pleasure to use.

Uses Fuji Instax Mini films.

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