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SX-70 Restoration


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SX-70 Restoration


SX-70 Restoration


For either SX-70 Original, SX-70 Sonar, or SLR 680 models.

Restoration Service includes a full CLA to your camera, a new skin of your choice (an $80 value), and a full 1-year mechanical warranty.

As camera technicians in the Impossible Project's camera department for years, and trained by original Polaroid staff technicians, we have learned how to expertly restore SX-70 cameras.  Is your camera dead?  Feeling sluggish?  Is your light meter inaccurate?  Your sonar autofocus unfunctional?  We can make your SX-70 perfect again.  Every camera we restore also comes with a full 1-year warranty.  Rest assured that you will have the best SX-70 out there.

After placing an order for an SX-70 Restoration, mail your camera to us here.  The sooner we receive, it the sooner we can being working.

Attn: Camera Dept.
Brooklyn Film Camera
1130 Bedford Avenue #405
Brooklyn, NY 11216

Please be sure to include your order number in the package you send to us.  We will send you an email notification when your camera is repaired and in the mail back to you.

* Note: If your camera has severe external damage (cracks, chips, bent metal, etc) we may not be able to fix it.  If you aren't sure, please send us photos before purchasing a restoration voucher and we'll let you know.

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