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Yashica Mat 124-G


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Yashica Mat 124-G

yashica mat 124g
yashica mat 124g

Yashica Mat 124-G


1970-1986, Japan

The last twin lens reflex ever produced by Yashica, and the most advanced.  Designed as a Rolleiflex copy (and doing a darned good job of it), the Mat 124G features a four-element, 80mm f/3.5 lens set of the better "Yashinon" variety, shutter speeds from 1-second to 1/500th, an aperture range of f/3.5 - f/22, a bright ground-glass viewing screen, a crank arm film advance, and ergonomic aperture/shutter controls.  While this camera was made with a built-in light meter, we find that they rarely work and - when they do - the readings are often quite inaccurate.  Therefore, please do not expect a functioning light meter on your camera.  But DO expect a smoothly functioning piece of machinery whose images rivals a Rolleiflex. 

Twin lens reflexes are incredibly special cameras.  Fantastic for portraiture, landscape work, and slow photography in general.  They make images with enormous, beautiful depth-of-field and are simply beautiful to see the world through.

Uses any 120 (aka "medium-format") film.

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