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Brooklyn's best selection of refurbish vintage cameras, films, and fine accessories.  Dedicated to the art of analog photography.


Polaroid specialists, film enthusiasts.  NYC's


Terms & Conditions

All of our cameras have been restored, are in great working condition, and come with a full 3-month guarantee.  However, as they are vintage machines and have had long lives before we got our hands on them, our cameras vary slightly in physical condition.  This may mean your camera will have a few scrapes or scratches or minor dings, but we guarantee that none of this will affect the functionality of your camera.  Physical imperfections - if any - are guaranteed to be minor, and we would rate all of our cameras in EX to EX+ condition.  One of the joys of using a vintage camera is it's history.  Embrace it in all it's glory!

All vintage cameras we sell are working and guaranteed.  Polaroid cameras come with a full 1-year mechanical warranty, and all other cameras have a 3-month mechanical warranty.  Please remember that all of these cameras have had long lives before they reached our hands.  While they are all perfectly functional, some may have slight scrapes or scratches or a ding here and there, but we guarantee that none of this will impact the functionality of your camera.  This is a normal sign of a well-loved vintage camera; embrace them for all that they are!

Returns:  All restored vintage cameras have a two week return window.  We charge a 15% restocking fee for non-defective returned merchandise.  New cameras come packaged and guaranteed by their manufacturer; any technical issues related to new, boxed cameras purchased through us should be directed to the camera's maker.  Camera makers we work with all have fantastic customer service policies, and will help you out with any issues you may have.

Warranty:  Our warranties cover natural defects and breakdowns of internal functioning.  If your camera experiences issues during the warranty period, we've got you covered 100%.  We will either repair or replace your camera after an in-person evaluation.  Damage to external elements of cameras need to be inspected and evaluated by Brooklyn Film Camera before any repair/replacement can take place.  Our warranty policy does not cover repairs related to damage stemming from impact, water, or blatant misuse.

Brooklyn Film Camera reserves the right to deny a refund on returned cameras, films, and other products at our discretion.